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Want to high quality printing to master the key points

Relase time:2019-12-30


  The captains of the printing enterprises are the main force in the production of "safety, quality, cost and delivery". Their skill level, sense of responsibility, work attitude and other comprehensive quality, the survival and development of the enterprise, the control of production costs, the enterprise's economic benefits and the enterprise's market competitiveness play a crucial role.

  Here, based on years of work experience, to talk about how the printing captain to control the printing machine, high-quality printing perfect products. The first level of "should know" and "should know" is:

  01 from the perspective of machine and equipment workers (people) : must be able to effectively match general workers according to the machine and equipment, understand the job responsibilities, work standards and evaluation points of the position staff involved in the machine and equipment; Understand how machine and equipment personnel work closely together to increase productivity.

  02 from the perspective of printing machine equipment (machine) : familiar with the principle, energy consumption, application, maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of the key machine equipment and its auxiliary machine equipment (baling machine, etc.).

  03 from the perspective of applying raw materials (materials) : be familiar with the testing method of semi-finished products to be accepted, and ensure not to accept defective products; Familiar with the usage specifications and standards of auxiliary materials application, application, the rest of the solution of auxiliary materials, equipment commonly used special tools application, storage, summary.

  04 from the perspective of operating procedures and processing technology (method) : familiar with the processing technology regulations and specifications of the commodity; Familiar with customer quality regulations, baling regulations, stacking regulations.

  From the perspective of natural environment of machine equipment (ring) : familiar with 6S management methods of machine equipment and implement them; Familiar with the commodity order regulations; It can record the reading value of temperature and humidity meter and adjust the main parameters of package printing according to the statistical data. 06 from the perspective of accurate commodity measurement (measurement) : commodity estimation without paper edge, burr, familiar with the whole process sampling inspection, the first sample test regulations, familiar with how to fill in information commodity logo card and suspension regulations.