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How to maintain the printing machine?

Relase time:2019-12-30


  The static maintenance of a printing press is the maintenance of the machine in a static state.

  1. Establish rules and regulations for machine maintenance. The offset press shall be maintained in accordance with the instructions of the machine. Such as regular oil change, cleaning filter, regular machine accuracy testing.

  2. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gear, CAM, chain wheel, roller and bearings of these components is the more important parts of the printing press, their maintenance is different from the other parts, because they changes will affect the precision in the late spring is on the machine used for force balance mechanism more components, their work is good or bad directly determine the precision level of mutual coordination of the moving parts, elastic, you must be sensitive and anelastic and irreversible plastic deformation of spring work is extremely unfavorable. If the above problems are found, the spring should be replaced immediately.

  3. Carry out technical reform and strengthen machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requirements in the design of the machine to fully consider the convenience of machine maintenance. However, due to the complexity of the printing press, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account, and the maintenance content of the machine will change as the environment changes. Therefore, those who are not conducive to the maintenance of the machine structure in the premise of normal work to improve.

  Dynamic maintenance of the printing press: dynamic maintenance of the printing press refers to the maintenance of the machine under the dynamic state of the printing press. Machine static maintenance is the premise of machine dynamic maintenance, at the same time the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn detect the level of machine static maintenance. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is very important. The following analysis from several aspects of the machine dynamic should be maintained under the main content.

  1. Machine readiness test. The readiness of the machine can be detected by inching or turning. Other items such as tools are stuck in the machine; Printing plate installation location is appropriate, if not appropriate, it may cause damage to the printing plate or to find rules to bring great difficulty; Blanket installation is appropriate, if not suitable, it may cause printing failure, serious may cause or damage to the machine.

  2. Lubrication state of the machine. First of all, the oil line of the machine can be observed through the oil label to see whether it is smooth. If the oil label is free of oil or the oil label is unclear, it should be stopped urgently to check whether there is oil leakage in the oil line. The leak of oil from the machine is easy to observe, but the cause is difficult to find. For the use of plain bearing and other machines, low speed is not conducive to its lubrication, especially the impact of inching or low speed operation on its lubrication.

  So before this kind of operation, better first idling machine lubrication, this is also a day before work should do a primary job. In some machines, the oil pump is driven by the main engine, so when the reverse point, not only can not be refueling, but will suck the oil back to the tank, this is very dangerous, so should avoid the reverse point. For some of the more important parts of the lubrication can also be detected by the nearby metal temperature, such as high temperature, indicating that there is a problem with lubrication.